Discovering the Big Fish in a Small Pond idea

What if one day you noticed a theme running through your life?

It had always been there … like a guidepost or a sort of pervasive sensibility … telling you how to be. But somehow it was only in retrospect that its message was clear.  What if you looked back over your life and realized that each time you followed that guide, things worked out.  You were happy and successful. You had that extraordinary feeling of “doing what I’m supposed to do.” And you had that feeling whenever you adhered to the theme.  It worked in business, health, career, relationships. It worked in everything and it worked every time.

What if the opposite was also true? What if you looked back at every failure in your life — every bad job, poor investment, awful business decision, poor relationship — and realized that every one them had one thing in common: they  didn’t adhere to the theme.

What if there was a guidepost, and when you followed it, you were fine? It offered an answer to the big questions about career, community, people. What if you realized that this thing worked, and that nothing else in your life really had? What if you realized that you had discovered the secret of what made you happy and that it might work for other people too?

If you were me, you’d start this blog.